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White won the limited competition for the Scylla district in 2001 and the building was completed in 2006. The Scylla district is part of the Western Harbour, one of Malmö’s major expansion areas. The building now plays an important role in the cityscape by linking other buildings with the Inner Harbour waterscape.

The building also serves an important role as a meeting place. The mix of offices, educational facilities and cafes, together with the meeting places in the overhanging bay windows, form a creative and people-friendly working environment.


  • Kund: Skanska
  • Projektets start/slut: 2001-2006
  • Färdigställt: 2008
  • Ort: Malmö
  • Fotograf/Illustratör: Ole Jais och Bojana Lukac


  • Malmö stads stadsbyggnadpris 2008


  • Åsa Haremst - kontaktperson
  • Birgitta Carlsson
  • Anders Sveningsson
  • Henrik Haremst - ansvarig


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