Swedish Design goes Milan

När: 04 Apr - 09 Apr

Plats: Pavilion 10 E23

SWEDEN IS BACK AT THE SALONE INTERNAZIONALE DEL MOBILE WITH ‘SWEDISH DESIGN GOES MILAN’ a mix of innovative furnishing ideas based on experimentation
and creativity.

This exhibition is an initiative by Swedish Design Goes Milan 2017 and Business Sweden, half-governmental foreign trade development agency, in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy, Svensk Form and Architects Sweden.

The exhibition is curated by the prestigious Swedish architectural firm White, the third biggest studio in Europe, known all over the world for its sixty years long experience of projects aiming to an improvement of people’s life quality, eco-friendly projects, creative solutions for the present day that will last tomorrow, to the benefit of future generations.

Each afternoon Tuesday-Thursday at 15:30 “Talks+aperitivo” will be hosted by Architects Sweden where interior design and architecture of today and the future will be discussed. Join us for these events in our mingle lounge, a place where to meet, chit-chat, exchange ideas, relax and recharge the batteries while sipping a Swedish coffee.


Tuesday 12:00, Official inauguration with Swedish Ambassador Robert Rydberg
Opening speeches, fingerfood and prosecco.
Press meetings and interviews

Tuesday 15:30 Talk+aperitivo “Swedish Interior Architecture Now”
Ranging from giant companies to upcoming young furniture designers, Swedish design is made available for everyone. Stemming from a long tradition of craftsmanship and love for the use of natural materials, sustainability and research-based design is an essential cornerstone in Swedish Design. Even though the techniques are changing, these values remain the same: even when using innovative production techniques such as three-dimensional printing, the raw material can remain natural and self-dissolving. All for the sake of our envitonment. We will have a talk on what is edgy today and what an be expected in the future. Panel discussion with:
Jacob Sahlqvist, White
– Sara Persson, Tengbom
– Johannes Karlström, Note Design Studio

Moderated by Charlotta Holm Hildebrand, Architects Sweden

Wednesday 15:30 Talk+aperitivo “Swedish Wooden Architecture Now”
Wood is a material for the future. Not only is it carbon neutral, but it actually stores CO2. Thus, wooden architecture is developing fast these days and gaining popularity. Its sustainable and renewable features, in combination with its materiality and functionality makes wood highly attractive for architects and real esate developers. Architectural constructions where we see the use of wood spans from the finest details, to grand developments in high rise public buildnings. Meanwhile, the research is extensive with mind-blowing findings regarding material development, 3D printing and more. We will discuss the material, its benefits, the architecture and what to expect from the future of the swedish wooden architecture, with some of the best architects and researchers. Panel discussion with
– Sandra Frank, Folkhem
Jonas Runberger, White
– Stefan Sjöberg, Kjellander Sjöberg

Moderated by Charlotta Holm Hildebrand, Architects Sweden

Thursday 15:30 Talk+aperitivo “Swedish Architecture Now”
Swedish architecture is making headlines in international press. Offices and housing projects are positively reviewed by foreign colleagues. Signs that architecture produced in Sweden has become better and more vibrant than it has been for many years. For the past ten years, numerous small offices with high quality production have established themselves in the country. Johannes Norlander, Petra Gipp, Tham & Videgård, General Architecture, Elding Oscarson, to name a few. From having designed private homes and summerhouses, many of them are now also working with larger projects. During the talk we will discuss the change, its origin and its future together with some of the best names in Swedish Architecture today. Panel discussion with
– Louise Masreliez, Marge
Magnus Lindgren, White
– Annika Hedeblom, Kaka